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Tanzania Education Program for Results: Additional Financing

I have been privileged for the last two years to work on the Tanzania Education Program for Results, a highly innovative and terrifically well-designed program of support to basic education. Program for Results (PforR) is the World Bank’s modality for results-based financing, and the Tanzania EPforR was the first PforR in education anywhere in the world. By rewarding the Government of Tanzania for implementing priority programs and reforms, the PforR approach has worked extremely well in aligning donor and government incentives, driving significant change at both central and local level.

In May, the World Bank and GoT signed an agreement for an additional $80 million in financing to extend the program to 2020 and support expansion into new areas of reform, including some very interesting new approaches to school inspections. I worked extensively alongside the Government and colleagues from the Bank and other donors to develop the design for the AF phase [pdf].

Read the project paper, or find out more about the program.