Energy: special report

Published in Chambers Client Report, Spring 2008

The precipitous rise in the price of oil has meant a bumper crop of activity for energy lawyers. Back in 2005, when Client Report last looked at the energy industry indepth, the world was just adjusting to the age of the $60 barrel, and one industry general counsel admitted he’d “never been busier.” Since then the activity levels in the industry – and the workload for its lawyers – have increased. Our feature on page 70 looks at the opportunities, and challenges, the current high levels of activity present for energy lawyers.

Although the oil industry is celebrating, though, fossil fuels have never been so unfashionable. Massive government support means a boom in renewables and new business opportunities all over Europe. Our feature on page 84 offers an introduction.

At the same time, the European electricity and gas markets face upheaval thanks to the EU’s plans to break up its power station-to-plug-socket utility giants. But the utilities – and the governments that support them – aren’t giving up without a fight. Our feature on page 94 has the details.

In addition, partners in five leading energy firms from across Europe offer their perspective on the latest issues in energy in their jurisdictions.

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